Hello my friends,

I am Paula.  I have been learning about website creation and how to make money using affiliate advertising.  I was told by a friend years ago that I could create a website and make money and even though it would be a slow start, with patience, I would eventually make money at it.

Well, I created a blog page and told all about myself.

Then I waited very patiently but nothing happened.  Occasionally, I would get onto my blog and add a paragraph here and there.  Personally, I had a terrible time writing about my work without talking specifics which would be unprofessional and unethical.  So for years I left the blogging behind.

I then kept seeing advertisements about people who were able to work from home and make large amounts of money.  They did not have to attend the day-to-day grind in an office, after a grueling drive into the office, then only to be worn out working and followed by a drive all the way back home again.  This was so very appealing to me that I started looking online at new opportunities.

Well, most of those opportunities were scams and even though:

  1. they were discouraging me and  
  2. my investigation caused a series of phone calls from solicitors trying to sell me a pre-designed website that would generate “thousands of dollars every month”

I was still not thwarted in my search for a way to learn to design my own site.

Finally, I came across a friend who provided a link to a free site which offered courses on how to design your own website using software called Word Press.

The site has courses that guide a person, step-by-step, through the process of creating a site and turning it into a portal for the designer to convey the passion and enthusiasm of their most valued interests and to make a residual income from ads which relate to the interest of the designer of the website.

How cool is that?!?

This site is called Wealthy Affiliate….

…and I am having such fun with this site, learning all about how to create a site that can make money for me and my family.

I have created several sites and I am still working on them to prepare for consistent traffic exposure on the internet.

Meanwhile I want to introduce this to my friends and see who might be interested in doing as I did in creating a website about special interests and tell a story to the world.

If this peaks your interest, please click on the link below and create a profile on Wealthy Affiliate.

You can create two websites free and for a week you have access to the community to ask questions.

There are thousands of members on the site and everyone I have met on the site is so friendly and helpful, getting you started in creating your own site.

I can help you too!  Won’t you try it?


Another benefit to joining this site is that there are so many members with websites of their own, all over the world.

It is like a window into a world I have never seen before.  In my work, I have met many people from all over the world but reading their websites has taught me so much about other people’s lives that I am amazed and uplifted in spirit by their posts/blogs.

My hope is that by reading this you are enthused to explore Wealthy Affiliate website and start your own journey in relating your interests, such as, spiritual life, fitness, weight loss, health issues and assistance, cooking, recipes, sewing projects, child care or whatever!

Please feel free to leave a comment below about this site.  I would enjoy hearing your experience or feelings about the above information.

Good luck and best wishes for your success!

Thank you,



6 thoughts on “Easy Websites By Paula – My Internet Adventures

    • Hi Andy,
      Thank you for reviewing my website and providing comments. I really appreciate it. This is definitely a site which is still under construction so check it out occasionally if you have time.
      Thanks so much!

  1. Thank you for information. Well written, meticulously composed website. Your visitors will find plenty of knowledge here how to start business online. All the best, good luck, Nemira

    • Thank you Nemira, I am just now learning and going through Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate University. This is just a sketch up of what I want it to look like but the photo at the top seems to be overwhelming so I plan to change themes. I will let you know when this is done so that you can give me another review if that is ok? I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to review my site and give comments.

      Thanks again, Paula

    • Demi,

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am building one with a .com from NameCheap so this one will be replaced soon. I wrote a long blog today to add to my new one and at the very end as I was proof reading I hit a button and it disappeared so I lost the whole blog. I am not sure if I can remember everything I said on it but oh, well! Back to scratch!! LOL

      Hope you had a great day!

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